zipper noise was: digital control

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Sun Jan 6 20:18:53 CET 1980

Brousseau, Paul E (Paul) wrote:
> The only immediate con I can imagine is that anything beyonf 7 (8?) bits is 
> out of MIDI resolution.  I would propose that solved by using two MIDI 
> signals, a "course" resolution and a "fine" resolution....
> (After a moments thought...)  Using two MIDI signals would make things
> difficult for external control, I suppose.  It would be nearly impossible 
> to spin two knobs to achieve a continuous sweep through a broad band. 

What if you had a keyboard controller that would allow you to assign
several keyboard splits and send each split over a different midi
channel?  You could then assign five octaves of the keyboard to five
different channels and pull off the channel number in the note on
midi command to set the coarse tuning (very limited range, of course).
Or, for the very experimentally minded, read only one octave of a
keyboard into a PIC and use the note number as octave and velocity
as the note.

C  vel 120 = C1 
C# vel 110 = B2 
D  vel 100 = Bb3

then you have 12 levels of the note number to select one of 12 octaves
and the 0 to 120 (nice round 10) of the velocity to select one of
12 notes.  

Having given up on creating the best design, now working on the 
most complicated.

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