tube prototyping safety

Paul Perry pfperry at
Fri Jan 4 00:06:02 CET 1980

At 04:22 PM 4/01/00 US/Eastern, Plinio  Barraza  wrote:
>I hope this posts on synth-diy, though I think 
>it wont. did....

>sformer.  Do larger transformers have the abil
>ity of providing more current than smaller ones?

.....larger transformers, wound to provide the same
voltage, certainly can supply more current.....

>If this is so, then would a smaller isolation 
>transformer be safer as far as isolation? only takes 1ma (yes, one milliamp) in the 'right' place
to kill you. Whether that milliamp gets there depends on 
MANY factors, including the voltage of the source,
how good a contact the entry and exit points for the 
current are, where on your body the entry and exit are.

Any transformer that can power valve gear can kill you.
And, those 'safety cutout' earth balance relays?
They can kill you too. They protect against fire, not

paul perry melbourne australia

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