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matti at devo.com wrote:

> On the issue of an op-amp(or whatever) primer, I for one would find such very
> useful. 

I highly recommend "Design of Op-Amp Circuits with Experiments" by
Howard M. Berlin.  It is out of print now, but I read a copy in my
local library (NC, US) and was then able to buy a copy for a couple
dollars from www.powells.com.  It is a Howard W. Sams and Co. Inc. book
First Edition 1977; Third Edition 1980. ISBN:  0-672-21537-3
formerly published by Blacksburg Press (just like Barry Klein's 
Electronic Music Circuits).

Why is it good?

It provides a line by line explanation of every characteristic noted
on a Signetics 741 op-amp datasheet.  It includes little b&w photos of
an oscilloscope display to demonstrate what an input and output should
look like when the op-amp is used in its different roles.  Beyond that,
the writing is very clear and easy to follow without being one of these
awful modern chatty 500-page tree-kills.   

1)  What is an op-amp?
2)  Basic Linear Amplifier Circuits
3)  The Differentiator and Integrator
4)  Voltage and Current Circuits
5)  Nonlinear Signal Processing Circuits
6)  Generators
7)  Active Filters
8)  Single Supply Operation
9)  The Norton Op-amp
10)  The Instrumentation Amplifier

Also check out his 555 Timer Applications book, if you can get a 


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