Hellfire and all that...

Corey Ricketts csr at acceleration.net
Mon Dec 29 16:01:16 CET 1980

Make love not war!

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Date: Friday, December 03, 1999 2:02 AM
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>I feel as I have fallen from Mars. 
>After a month, I find this list full of nervousnes (sp?)
>and hard words.
>Don't upset yourselves. There's world beyond your work,
>family and sdiy list. PLEASE don't quit this list over
>some misunderstanding, we've lost too many good contributors.
>Don't read sdiy folder for few days, delete some messages.
>Tune in my site http://www.marjansystems.co.yu and stare
>in "Enjoy the Silence" section for a few minutes (or whatever :)
>I still think about sdiy list as of "safe house". 
>Argues come over this list from time to time but this looks
>bad. It's all wrong. People with ideas should sue companies
>that steal that same ideas without proper credits.
>Not somebody who dilikes your product. Person A makes a statement
>that X is better than Y altought he hadn't tried Y himself rather
>judging from some _official_ description. It's his right to do
>so whether he's righ or wrong. If you disagree you make a statement
>too. Then alongs come Mary:),umm,well person Z who happens to
>manufacture Y and makes contact with maintainer of the place where
>statements are made. Why not direct to person A? Z wants to sue
>A, So other people start to think that Z is bad while others
>defend him. And it goes on... 
>We don't need "good" and "bad" guys. 
>PLEASE think again. It's not perfect world. Nor you.
>No courts, lawyers etc. It's bad attitude. If you can't handle
>people who _disagrees_ with you other than with lawyers
>then think, please. It's SDIY, it's not CNN. Small comunity.
>And don't fight with that same person who still we haven't
>heard from. Please wait until then to make some conclusions.
>He seems to be an expert in his field. He seems to be very
>helpful to people sharing enthusiasm for his work. People
>speak good words for him. He seems to have bad feelings
>for people not making good use of tubes (see paia section on 
>the site). Let's talk constructive.
>Eric, please try to contact this list, give us more details
>about your tube circuit. Not many people mess with them
>and they seem like nice ingredient to sdiy.
>Tom, nobody will sue you. No need. You're OK. 
>Rene, please don't leave the list. Agression tends to decay
>(analog content :) with time. Bad days come and go.
>If you have read my longish mail than you're probably
>1)bored 2)irritated 3)forgot why you're angry :)
>Random is as random was...
>marjan (havily bombed for 78 days and still not
>        hating _all_ the people about it, so it should
>        be even easier for all of you not to)
>ps if we have a problem than it's one with stealing yor ideas...

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