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Jeroen van Aart amorel21 at worldaccess.nl
Sun Jan 1 01:19:30 CET 1978

(Ian A. Vine (phone UK 0171 419 3450) wrote:

> 	I just remembered with the mention of fourier analysis, I was 
> 	recently looking at the Emu line of samplers and they claim
> 	that the samplers can transpose down 2 octaves and up 10 without 
> 	distortion. Maybe I've got my figures a bit wrong, anybody know
> 	how they do this ?

Because transposing the sample will not distort it. The volume isn't
affected, just the pitch(speed). I can even do that with my Amiga,
lowering and making the pitch higher a lot of octaves and no distortion.
it sounds crap ok, cause of what you said in your last answer :-)

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