[sdiy-market] Electronotes Set Defined

Bernard Arthur Hutchins, Jr bah13 at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 26 04:55:33 CEST 2021

I have been asked how someone looking for a “Set of EN” as offered by a third party would know what “should” be included.  Here is a listing of what WE sold as “Everything” for some 15-20 years

The famous “EVERYTHING” package as sold/shipped from Electronotes since about 2005 was three “Priority” mailing boxes each weighing about 13 lbs and being 5 inches thick, for a pile approx. 14 inches tall in total.

TOGETHER WITH THE ITEMS ONLINE, the “collection” was considered by us to be “complete”.

The hard copies in the Everything postal shipment included:
>>>  MEH
>>>  EBG&PCC
>>>  ELECTRONOTES   EN#1 – EN#204
        (EN#144-EN#168 also marked EN#A-EN#G)
>>>  APP NOTES   AN-1  –  AN-362  (no AN-282)
      EN70A, 72A, 73A..133A, 134A/135A, 136A, 139A-141A
>>>  SUPPLEMENTS   S-014    S-017    S-018

See EN site for extensive online (free) offerings.

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