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Other maybe useful links (maybe is better to repost in the main synth diy
mailing list?)
http://www.casacarpi.com/Ricerca_risultati.asp search here for

Il giorno ven 29 gen 2021 alle ore 00:24 francesco mulassano <
francesco.mulassano at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> And, if you like old electronic magazine (with sometimes things about
> synthesizers)
> check this incredible collection, click on vecchie riviste
> <http://www.introni.it/riviste.html> (http://www.introni.it)
> Il giorno gio 28 gen 2021 alle ore 23:57 francesco mulassano <
> francesco.mulassano at gmail.com> ha scritto:
>> Hi Markus, nice list of links
>> thank you!
>> I know that most of this books are available on pdf but i prefer the old
>> paper way! :-)
>> - Electronic music circuits is on my wish list
>> - I know well the work of Ray Wilson, it was one of my starting point,
>> years ago i bought from Ray some kits, and i have all the material to build
>> a synthlab but never had the time...
>> - I have seen Thomas Henry's books on Lulu, they are interesting but I
>> would rather they were all in one book (is Thomas in this list?) it's video
>> is available somewhere online?
>> - The reprint collection is very very interesting
>> - I have the Chamberlin books, it cost me 50 euros and is full of
>> annotations but is pure gold!
>> - Mu:zines is a great website, a lot of effort in it, and i think i have
>> almost all this magazine
>> - Digisound is copyright protected? it's a system that I really like and
>> would love to build
>> my suggestion (or book that i have)
>> - Delton T. Horn - The Synthesizer (i have the italian version "Il
>> Sintetizzatore", i don't know if is the same as the english version)
>> - F.C. Judd - Electronics in music (arrived today, very cool!)
>> - i have bought this books
>> https://www.dataton.com/shop/the-early-synth-days
>> <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dataton.com%2Fshop%2Fthe-early-synth-days%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3PwYvsviQ5sYsZtPW6_MF0_xDzxdvktYbhSff6zSyGSFqnq-pEBA_VeGs&h=AT01sCKsSBf0hvGNcRa55jsEYkUyLn0b0TbLbLCIlaReTnTm9qlq3LFfm1-bfxLjAIqC2M12DZEhpcIbtR9mORGiCPWjbg_dfzwdXLibki2sgWhLKxssXlpfzOxcvVxe1pws4Kh8> this
>> deserve very euro! is a very nice book, with many photos and many
>> electronic details of this synth that was the first product of the
>> dataton (which now produces other things)
>> - Arduino for Musician
>> and i have many other synths (non electronics) books
>> Incoming books (ordered) The new world of electronic music ;: A
>> practical book that gives the basic principles of sound, acoustics,
>> electricity, magnetism, recording techniques. the concepts and functions
>> of the synthesizer Walter Sear
>> Electronic Music and Musique Concrete (Paperback) F.C. Judd
>> Computers and Music: An Introduction R. A. Penfold
>> Electronic Musical Instruments Norman Crowhurst Synthesizer & Electronic
>> Keyboard Handbook Kindersley, Dorling
>> My main source are abebooks and amazon
>> Francesco
>> Il giorno gio 28 gen 2021 alle ore 21:42 Markus <markusthegeek at yahoo.com>
>> ha scritto:
>>> Hi Francesco,
>>> that is a great idea to build a library.
>>> I am on the same search as you and found it really hard to find good
>>> books about synth DIY.
>>> The following is a free download so I understand you could print it out
>>> locally. It is a lot better than many newer books tbh since it deals with
>>> the discrete elements like op amps and OTAs but also the specialized chips
>>> from CEM and SSM that are now available again from the original companies
>>> and also as cheaper clones.
>>> Electronic music circuits : Klein, Barry : Free Download, Borrow, and
>>> Streaming : Internet Archive
>>> <https://archive.org/details/electronic-music-circuits>
>>> I also find the whole Music from Outer Space website amazing with
>>> discrete circuits and detailed explanations, e.g.
>>> Music From Outer Space Your Synth-DIY Headquarters
>>> <http://musicfromouterspace.com/index.php?MAINTAB=SYNTHDIY&VPW=1721&VPH=765>
>>> Then there are the great designs by Thomas Henry. You can buy some books
>>> via an online printing service but honestly I was missing explanations in
>>> them, mostly just a circuit collection.
>>> Thomas Henry - Synth DIY Wiki <https://sdiy.info/wiki/Thomas_Henry>
>>> The following site is excellent with lots of circuit details:
>>> Thomas Henry Designs
>>> <https://www.birthofasynth.com/Thomas_Henry/TH_main.html>
>>> Many of his great magazine articles are available for free (just takes
>>> forever to download this pdf):
>>> File:The Reprint Collection by Thomas Henry CC BY NC.pdf - Synth DIY Wiki
>>> <https://sdiy.info/wiki/File:The_Reprint_Collection_by_Thomas_Henry_CC_BY_NC.pdf>
>>> Maybe check if you can get this one used, I just found one but have not
>>> gotten or read it yet:
>>> Musical Applications of Microprocessors by Hal Chamberlin
>>> Then I am also looking for the Bernd Hutchins books at list not all the
>>> Electronotes like you. I jumped on this thread as well, no reaction so far:
>>> electronotes/musical engineer's handbook/pcc pdfs - Page 6 - MUFF WIGGLER
>>> <https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=125405&sid=508de186a98e3053bc115ab94d72b22d&start=125>
>>> Finally there are some magazine articles available free for download:
>>> ETI: Electronics Today International. Hobbyist Magazine UK Edition
>>> <https://worldradiohistory.com/ETI_Magazine.htm>
>>> Polyphony Issues (Active) <http://www.muzines.co.uk/mags/pl>
>>> Digisound Project 80 synthesizer modules | Digisound 80
>>> <http://www.digisound80.co.uk/digisound/modules/modules.htm>
>>> And then there is more in terms of electronic basic knowledge and maybe
>>> op amps and active filter design, just some free stuff I found.
>>> https://e2echina.ti.com/cfs-file/__key/telligent-evolution-components-attachments/00-52-01-00-00-04-59-46/OP-amp-for-everyone.pdf
>>> Don Lancaster's Guru's Lair Free eBook Downloads
>>> <https://www.tinaja.com/ebksamp1.shtml>
>>> And some books you have to buy, potentially used or in a older edition:
>>> The Art of Electronics
>>> Practical Electronics for Inventors
>>> Small Signal Audio Design
>>> please let us know if you find additional treasures, specifically from
>>> the birth era of analog synths...
>>> gruss,
>>> Markus
>>> On Thursday, January 28, 2021, 11:59:46 AM PST, francesco mulassano <
>>> francesco.mulassano at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi, i'm interested in buying the EN stuff
>>> just discovered today that Ben does not ship anymore.
>>> I'm in Italy, i prefer European seller.
>>> Ps. I also look for other books on synths, electronic musical
>>> instruments, musical electronics mainly in English but I also evaluate
>>> other languages. My idea is to open a library in my city to make it freely
>>> available.
>>> Ciao!
>>> --
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