[sdiy-market] Dual matched transistors and more to go...

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Sun Jan 24 23:29:52 CET 2021


Hi list,


I'm doing some cleaning of my parts bins

and found some genuine vintage parts.

I'll let them go for half the actual prices.

Qty        item                                     actual market price
each(US)    my price each(US)

5             MAT01AHZ dual matched NPN                 $31.92

4             MAT02EH  dual matched NPN                   $17.35

6             MAT12AHZ  dual matched NPN                $31.75

2             MAT04F quad matched NPN                     $10.00


1             Top Octave generator S50241   (varies.. eBay USA $50 up to
$100US)  my price $50.00


This is what I have on hand..

All the NPN matched pairs are new old stock from Analog Devices.

The S50241 I will have to test it but I'm about sure I did test it before

putting it in my stock.


PM me if interested.




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