[sdiy-market] [FOR SALE (US)] - Midibox Seq V4+ RH - Essentials kit, plus all required components, plus some extras

thresholdpeople thresholdpeople at protonmail.com
Fri Feb 12 21:10:55 CET 2021

Hey everyone,

I purchased the Essential Kit directly from Midiphy in early 2019, and bought the remaining parts from Mouser and DigiKey. As I still have still not gotten around to building it and I no longer really have any hardware, it's time to let it go!

I'm selling the MIDIBox Seq V4+ RH Essential Kit at 2019 cost (cheaper than now), and the rest of the parts a bit under cost. Some of the parts may have extras (where it made sense to purchase 100 or 200x of something as opposed 10) other parts have been upgraded (i.e. longer life caps and things like that.. It was a long time ago ordering, but the footprint, etc should all fit fine, I didn't deviate from the BOM often). The parts are all from Mouser and Digikey and still all bagged up.

I also will include button caps from a MIDIBox forum member who decked their V4+ out with nicer caps than the originally offered ones (those are included as well).

Asking $1000, plus shipping, plus paypal fees (also open to venmo). I'm in NYC if someone is local, we can do a hand off that way.

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