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When I was designing the space camera when I was working at NASA (about 10
years ago now... how the time flies...) I had a 12 layer board with a 4
ground, 4 power, 4 signal stackup. I was considering adding an extra heater
layer for thermal management purposes, but the design review went against
that because they were intending doing this by other means. So the idea
wasn't for soldering, but rather avoiding hitting temperatures cold enough
to kill the chips or pop them off the board as the thing ran around in a
permanently shaded crater on the moon. If I was going to do it, I'd have
added 2 more layers, one for the heater and one for the extra ground plane,
so the heater element didn't run past anything with a signal in it (even a
power trace). Before anyone asks, the reason for 4 ground planes was
impedance control, which is way easier if signals never cross each other in
adjacent layers. And also for thermal management reasons because it helped
conduct heat across and off the board (no fans in a vacuum!).

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> Am 19.01.2023 um 18:07 schrieb Mr&MrsAccount <hbissell at wowway.com>:
> You might design it so that the serpentine trace will be grounded at
> multiple points by attaching vias to the top and populating multiple
> zero-ohm resistors.
> These zero-ohm resistors have to be soldered *after* the PCB was heated of
> course, that means per hand, with a soldering iron. On a conventional PCB,
> these resistors aren’t required at all, so the advantage of the built-in
> heater is somewhat mitigated. Perhaps still better that soldering a LGA IC
> per hand.
> Maybe such a PCB is a good thing for small adaptor boards that don’t
> contain much more than a tricky-to-solder IC (SSI2130 for instance).
> Ingo
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