[sdiy] Pole Dancing

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 09:35:09 CET 2023

Donald Tillman wrote:
> I wrote an article with a built in JavaScript root locus simulator.  Please enjoy:
>     https://till.com/articles/poledance/

Great tool!  There are several interactive tools like this online. One I like is
as you can plot poles and zeroes.

Nowadays there are libraries for Matlab, Octave, and Maxima for
plotting the root-locus (which, technically, are the lines - the loci
- that connect the poles - roots - and zeroes).

I had the pleasure of learning about RL under Sid Williamson while at
Surrey (or "Servo Sid" as he liked to call himself).  There are quite
a few satellites up there orbiting the Earth thanks to his control
systems (while not teaching he worked for Surrey Satellites).  He
would often claim he knew more about RL than Truxal (hmmmmmm......).
I do wonder if one of Sid's former students (not me) wrote the
wikipedia page on Root Locus.


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