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Scott - I think you're probably looking for something like this:
https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/ttpots/ ? They are also available elsewhere,
often listed under "Song Huei trimmer pot"

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> So I was into building modulars up until the mid 2000's then took a hiatus
> until now.  Back then it was MOTM format with full size pots and lots of
> flying wires.
> I'd like to take my hand in Eurorack format with PC mounted jacks and pots
> and eliminate flying wires.
> I see the RV09 style pot with 6mm shaft seems to be pretty standard.
> One thing I've seen on my guitar pedals (mostly the mini ones) are pots
> with tiny knobs; actually I think it's a pot with a plastic 6mm shaft with
> no knob.  However, they have an indicator stripe on them. I've seen
> Eurorack modules with these also, in places to conserve space with lesser
> used knobs.
> Where do you find these? Are they a particular type?
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