[sdiy] Questions about potentiometers

Scott Bernardi scottbernardi55 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 05:10:50 CET 2023

So I was into building modulars up until the mid 2000's then took a hiatus
until now.  Back then it was MOTM format with full size pots and lots of
flying wires.
I'd like to take my hand in Eurorack format with PC mounted jacks and pots
and eliminate flying wires.
I see the RV09 style pot with 6mm shaft seems to be pretty standard.
One thing I've seen on my guitar pedals (mostly the mini ones) are pots
with tiny knobs; actually I think it's a pot with a plastic 6mm shaft with
no knob.  However, they have an indicator stripe on them. I've seen
Eurorack modules with these also, in places to conserve space with lesser
used knobs.
Where do you find these? Are they a particular type?
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