[sdiy] M-Audio Midisport Uno Wire to pin ?

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How about make a short male-female adapter cable and disconnect the shell from ground 
in the middle. 
I had a similar problem with some old MIDI gear, one unit did not handle the grounds correctly. It would work if it 
was at the end of the midi chain but not otherwise. They had tied the logic ground to the case through a regulator heatsink tab 
and the midi shell to the case. I insulated the tab and problem gone... 

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  An update: I have just bought a M-Audio Midisport UNO.   And I’ve got myself a hum-loop: The shell of the UNO’s USB-A plug has a connection to the shell of the MIDI OUT plug (but not to the shell of the MIDI IN plug). And my home-built MIDI module (https://shedsynth.wordpress.com/midi/) has a metal DIN socket on the front panel which is grounded through the rack.   And it doesn’t seem to work with my MIDI module: I measure the UNO’s MIDI OUT signal level at 3.3V, which doesn’t seem enough to light up my 6N138 with recommended 220R series resistor. The UNO variously does or doesn’t play through my other MIDI devices.   I wasn’t expecting to ask for help, just thought I’d follow up on this thread when it arrived. But now I’d appreciate any guidance. Thanks, Al   
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Subject: RE: [sdiy] M-Audio Midisport Uno Wire to pin ?     Re the video’s complaint that only MIDI IN is opto-isolated: I think I’m right that this is correct implementation (please contradict if not). The MIDI OUT on any device is actively driven from the device’s own power, and whatever MIDI IN you plug that into will/should be opto-isolated so no ground loop or smoke.   But the video is probably right about the £5 USB/MIDI interfaces not isolating MIDI IN. Does anybody know any cheap USB/MIDI cables which do isolate?    From: Synth-diy <synth-diy-bounces at synth-diy.org> On Behalf Of Nathan Trites
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 If you havent sorted this out yet - here is a youtube video where you can see how it's wired: https://youtu.be/Xv5-5CUNFvI?t=75 
 On Sat, Jan 7, 2023 at 5:14 PM David Messenger <mssngr1 at pacifier.com> wrote:   I have to rewire the in/out DINs on a Midisport Uno that lost it's midi 
plugs. There is one wire that has red-black-yellow and a bare ground, 
and then the other cable has just red and white. Anyone know which pins 
each of these wires should be reattached to? TY D.

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