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Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
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First question nowadays has to be what sort of mics ?   Traditional low-impedance, USB or PDM.

If it’s a pure analogue mixer then strongly suggest you buy Douglas Self’s book on audio design and use the circuits in there.  The mic amp isn’t the best, but more than adequate for most uses.
That said, are you sure it isn’t easier just to buy a small mixer as many come with licenced effects from the major players that you won’t be able to replicate yourself.

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I'm designing a new synth mixer for live performance.  I am contemplating only one or two mic inputs. When I perform with synths I'm using a mic that's going into a different mixer that has effects.  I may do built in basic effects and a loop for the mics. I'm focusing on the mic section right now.

Opinions please.

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