[sdiy] Identification of an unknown MIDI CV interface

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Was there any such thing as open source in the 80's?

That's probably a Ferranti DAC chip. I think I have a few if anyone 
wants to get reacquainted.

Definitely looking forward to the EPROM dump, but this would be pretty 
easy to recreate in a jiffy.


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>My first impression is that the perf-board says this was a one-off (not to mention the flying wires).
>However, the sticker on the EPROM hints that it might have been from an open source project, although it could just be that the homebrew designer had a label printer and it was 100% DIY.
>Disassembling the EPROM could prove quite useful, assuming that P80C32 has a known instruction set. What is this Ferranti that you mention, Mike? Google says power grid, defense.
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>>  I haven’t seen a Ferranti chip since the early 80s
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>>  Hello
>>  Does anyone of you know this MIDI-CV interface? It is built into a Prodigy. You can see a logo "B E" and a board name "HPG110". Must be quite old, because I doubt someone has developed anything seriously on an Intel P80C32 from 1996 within the recent 20 years...
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>>  Florian
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