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Lanterman, Aaron D lanterma at ece.gatech.edu
Thu Sep 22 06:53:05 CEST 2022

Dear SDIYers,

Most of you probably already know about my lecture series on “Analog Circuits for Music Synthesis” and “Guitar Amplification and Effects” on YouTube.

The instructor originally scheduled to teach ECE3400: Analog Electronics, Georgia Tech's junior-level elective focusing on transistor-level design, pulled out at the last minute, so I agreed to take it over this fall. I’m posting materials to this playlist:


The first set of lectures are recycled; they review op amp circuits. The next set is on superposition with dependent sources (it turns out you can deactivate the dependent sources, unlike what the books say, you just have to be careful how to do it). The main course proper starts with the lectures at the bottom of the list specifically labeled “ECE3400 Lecture Whatever.” Lectures 2-4 are on diodes; 5-7 on BJTs; 7-9 on BJT biasing; 10-12 on Thevenin & Norton equivalents looking into the terminals of the BJT small signal model (important concept in the particular way I teach the material), 13-15 on the common single-transistor amplifier types, and 16-18 on multistage amplifiers… with more to come!

I’m not using the official textbook for the class. I’m instead basing the exposition on work by my colleague Marshall Leach:


(ECE3400 used to be called ECE3050).

And here’s his paper on superposition with dependent sources: https://leachlegacy.ece.gatech.edu/papers/superpos.pdf

(If you’re on any of the Facebook Synth DIY groups you probably already know about this and are tired of hearing about it.)

Aaron Lanterman, Prof. of ECE, Georgia Tech
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