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I suggest studying all papers from the research on MRP that Andrew
McPherson ran over a decade ago. There are several, not one or two... It's
exactly what you're trying to achieve and very easy to demonstrate how
difficult the task is to induce the string vibration when it is at rest.
That's why MRP works and sounds that way.
All research is public including hardware decisions.
I'm in MRP topic quite deeply, already have it ongoing for quite a while
with a donor piano already. Magnetic resonators are off the shelf.

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> In addition to the amazing Segulharpa mentioned earlier, you might find
> this instrument from Godfried-Willem Raes/Logos Foundation interesting
> (note: there is some minor "artistic" nudity on some Logos Foundation
> pages):
> https://logosfoundation.org/instrum_gwr/aeio.html
> Thanks,
> Olav
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