[sdiy] [OT] LM13700 spotted in commercial product of big Manufacturer

sleepy_dog at gmx.de sleepy_dog at gmx.de
Mon May 16 12:44:34 CEST 2022

Mike Bryant:
>> Conversely, I pretty much gave up on constructing electronics until I got into doing SMD, because through-hole is such a fiddly pain in the arse to deal with.  SMD is so much easier.
>> Gordon
> Same here.   MUCH easier to get an assembly house to make it up for me :-)
> And at the prices JLCPCB charge for assembly it's now often cheaper to do a re-spin than spend hours performing major surgery to a first prototype.

It is easier also for hand-soldering if you don't put too many 0402 or
so parts ;)
All this wire bending, putting it through holes and cutting.
I like my bulky electrolytics with wires, and won't use SMD jacks if I
can avoid it, but for most other stuff, just grabbing with the pliers in
the little box with the right value label on it. and just soldering it
on without any fiddling - works for me. Much quicker than THT.
If one's eyesight is not good, and you don't want to use magnifying
glass or microscope, you could still design for e.g. 1206 parts, and
still be smaller and quicker than with 1/10 W wired resistors.
One only needs to practise to properly grab and put things with decent
pliers. You can rest parts of your pliers-holding hand on something for
stability when soldering.

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