[sdiy] [OT] UV solder mask vs JBWeld/Gorilla Weld

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Tue Mar 8 08:03:41 CET 2022

That explains why you need it the flex circuit to be stiff...
What I would do is to try to reconnect the traces not with soldering but 
using conductive paint. I've had good results with it repairing flex 
circuit in a device that during normal use gets banged hard all the 
time, i.e. MalletKAT. It worked for years, and AFAIK it still works.
But since it's soldered already, I would wrap it in something foamy to 
level the surface, like doublesided adhesive foam, or several layers of 
fiber material, maybe even this blue napkin from your photo, and then 
make a surrounding cage over it, kind of flattened ring like flat cable 
ferrite. I think the easiest to handle would be a piece of metal plate 
from a can. Or put 2 pieces of PCB, on top and bottom, and screw them 
together at the sides. With stripboard you could even solder them 
together, that takes less space.


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