[sdiy] Using dual BBD chips for higher clock frequency

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QUOTE: It is, what I call "thru zero flanging".  
LOL.  That's what everyone else calls it as well ! 
The downside is the lower you want the flange to go, the longer the initial delay needs to be. 

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 Hello Terry

Am 22.06.22 um 01:07 schrieb Terry Bowman via Synth-diy: 
There's a web site somewhere that has all of the variations used in string synths, the Dimension D and so on.  My site lists the roland chorus'es:

I suppose you could run one at the highest possible frequency/shortest delay time and have the second, modulated BBD in parallel. That would make flanging with insanely high frequency peaks/notches possible. Or something like that. Has anyone tried it?  Not with the SAD1024, but it is one of the best tricks with the Korg SDD-1200 (or the SDD3300): Set the delaytime to on both channels to 10ms, modulate only one channel and listen to the mono mix of the 100%-effect-signal of both channels. => It is, what I call "thru zero flanging".  I love it.

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