[sdiy] A20G545 chip, what is it?

brianw brianw at audiobanshee.com
Sun Jun 19 10:15:58 CEST 2022

My first guess was a 74x545 octal bidirectional transceiver, non-inverting. They're 20-pin.

However, that doesn't seem to fit on a SSM voice card (or into an 18-pin package).


On Jun 18, 2022, at 7:59 PM, John Speth wrote:
> Today I was dumping old circuit boards that I built many years ago. I was stripping valuable parts from one and I found two 18 pin DIPs that are marked "A20G545" on one line and "MCE 8211" on the line below it. 8211 is the date code (1982). The other markings are a mystery. Searching for this chip online was a dead end for me. Does anybody know what it could be? It was from a board that contained an SSM 2012 VCA and an SSM 2044 VCF. I've lost the schematics. It was my design.
> Thanks - JJS

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