[sdiy] Labelling Your Horde Of Stuff

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Wed Jun 8 12:14:13 CEST 2022

Whatever you're doing, get an older laptop, and put everything into a
google spreadsheet. Have a unique id for each item. Put that unique id
on the box in big letters.

Other things you could have per-item:
- unique id of the container
- color of the container (color coding helps loads)
- location of the container
- description of the item
- link to photo
- where did you get the item (if relevant)
- how much did it cost
- date of purchase
- time you put the data in there
- next time you have to take the thing out (eg to swap out batteries
so they don't leak)
- weight

Based off this you might also be able to print QR codes that link you
to the spreadsheet and pre-select only the rows that are relevant to
the box that QR code is on.

Now if you're also concerned about people stealing things or not, you
can have RFID tags on your more expensive items and a gate in the
door. That's also useful to know if you removed something.

Why should the laptop be specifically dedicated for that? Because if
it's not *always* there and available, you'll eventually forget to
update your database when you take something out, and eventually
you'll just stop doing this altogether.

The nice thing is that you can hire someone to do this stuff for you.

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> My collection of parts, Nixie and magic eye tubes, and everything else you can name has grown to the point where I need to get serious about storage. One aspect of this is labelling things. I'm tired of writing on boxes with a Sharpie.
> I really like the capabilities of this Epson series:
> https://www.amazon.com/LABELWORKS-LW-PX300-Industrial-Label-Maker/dp/B08JQMFZ6F
> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08JQMJ7RD
> I know there's cheaper stuff out there and the profit is in selling tape cartridges (à la printer ink) but this thing does heat-shrink tubing. Joy.
> So what are you guys using?
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