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Terrible news.  I didn't realize he was so young (only about 14 years older
than me).
Whoa, Dave Smith was my younger daughter's age when he started Sequential
Circuits. (!?W?!?!T???!F?!)  When I think about how much time I was wasting
when I was 24, it makes me doubly sad.
We're doing it wrong.  We need to be telling our kids that your 20s aren't
just for farting around (not that my kids are farting around -- far from it
-- you know what I mean).  So many 20-somethings I encounter at the
university are just so far away from having any real life goals or real
achievements, it is very maddening (and I was one of them, but at least I
got over it by the time I was 25 and started my PhD, and became a prof at
28, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about it -- still, my professional
"accomplishments" are a pale reflection compared to Dave Smith's).


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Dear list,  

I feel incredibly sad to share the news I just read on SynthTopia, and saw
confirmed on the Sequential website: Dave Smith passed away.



ps. I hereby propose we thank him by leaving his initials somewhere on the
next PCB we get fabricated...
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