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Mon Jan 31 19:08:29 CET 2022

Hi All

I recently acquired a Kurzweil K2000 from a local charity shop.
It is in excellent condition, back-light is still bright and functional, however it only has OS version 1.0 Calvin so I decided to try and upgrade it.

I found the site DBWBP.com and downloaded the v3.87C Engine images and the Setup images which I have burned to EPROMS, but when I put them in the K2000, it boots but cannot find the Setup ROMs. I checked the jumper settings and I have a Rev A Engine board that only has JP1 no JP7.

Much searching the internet located a Service document that stated that the PSEUDO and GODOT GAL chips also need an upgrade to PSEUDO v4 and GODOT v5, currently I have PSEUDO v2 and GODOT v3.
The DBWBP.com site has images from a K2000R for PSEUDO v5 and GODOT v5.
Can anyone advise if these will work or where I can find images for PSEUDO v4 and GODOT v5 that will work in a K2000 running OS v3.87?

Regards Tony
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