[sdiy] Electrosmith Eurorack DSP platform

Eric Brombaugh ebrombaugh at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 18:12:49 CET 2022

You're right! STM32H750 with only 128kB flash. I've done a design with 
that one (in the "before times") and managed to get a fair bit of code 
into the on-chip flash, but it really is designed for XIP or code 
swapping into SRAM when things get complicated. I haven't tried XIP with 
it, but I have used the QSPI port with external PSRAM and there is a 
substantial speed penalty.


On 1/27/22 03:52, Martin Klang wrote:
> On 27/01/2022 06:07, Eric Brombaugh via Synth-diy wrote:
>> The STM32H7 runs a bit slower, but has on-chip
>> flash while the iMX requires external flash so there may be some
>> differences in memory bandwidth that fall in favor of the STM32H7.
> I believe Daisy uses the H750 which has only one sector of 128kB flash. 
> Typically you'd put the bootloader there and load the firmware into SRAM 
> (not SDRAM this time!) from somewhere else. You can also XIP from 
> external flash (eXecute In Place) ie run the firmware directly from a 
> memory-mapped QSPI flash, but performance is **horrible**. All those 
> lovely CPU cycles wasted in wait states!
> Martin
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