[sdiy] Deep thoughts on Old drum machines: the "VCA"

Adam Inglis (synthDIY) synthdiy at adambaby.com
Sat Jan 22 22:51:22 CET 2022

> On 27 Nov 2021, at 05:16, Mattias Rickardsson <mr at analogue.org> wrote:
> Probably also for synth sounds. Among all potential cases of people saying that "the old synth sounds better than the new version/clone/emulation/whatever", offset thumps might be one of the unknown secrets that reverse engineers often miss.

I’ve wondered something similar.
When I’m editing recordings at the waveform level in Cubase, I’ve noticed that my most, er… ‘characterful' synths have the most waveform distortion about the zero axis (sorry, can’t think of the technical term!) i.e. the waveform will be skewed more above or below the line (Korg 700, TB-303, SH-2000) whereas more polite sounding synths are perfectly symmetrical about this axis. I’m assuming there is some kind of DC offset going on there, but that may not be the correct explanation

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