[sdiy] OT: Mains Safety PSA

dh at atoav.com dh at atoav.com
Fri Jan 14 18:05:44 CET 2022

On 14/01/2022 17:13, Chromatest J. Pantsmaker wrote:
> So my question is, do other countries allow wiring with oversized
> breakers?  Why didn't Cheater's fuse/breaker save the day?  I would
> expect breakers in 240V countries to be even smaller thanks to Mr. Ohm.

In Germany 16 A breakers per circuit are mandatory since (I think) 2006
in domestic households. Legally you are allowed to not have them if it
is a old building that was built in a lawful way back in the day. As
soon as you change something (or the usage changes) you have to update tho.

In cheaters situation the usage changed massively, so legally he would
have been required to update his flats/houses electricity with 16A breakers.

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