[sdiy] Tiny SMD parts

Jason Tribbeck jason at tribbeck.com
Fri Jan 14 05:00:43 CET 2022

If I'm etching the board myself, then 0603 and 0.5mm QFP is the general
limit (I have done 0402 and 0.4mm once, but the 0.4mm wasn't perfect).

If the board is made professionally (with a stencil), then 0402, QFN and
0.4mm is fine - but I do have a manual pick and place machine and a reflow

My current project is a mini-itx motherboard, which I did the first
prototypes in December. Only manufacturing failure was a 0.5mm DFN that had
too much paste.

BGA not had to use yet, but I have designed some boards for such FPGAs.

Still don't like SOT-523 though.

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> Speaking of low power parts, I wonder one thing. What are everyone's
> absolutely smallest "useable for synths" parts? Mainly I mean:
> - op amps
> - transistors (bjt or fet)
> - VCAs (if at all??)
> - linear and switching voltage regulators
> - other semiconductors you deem relevant
> I'm hoping for stuff like BGA or even flip chip, literally grains of sand.
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