[sdiy] Looking for a specific sample-player/expander IC/module

Martin Klang mars at pingdynasty.com
Sun Jan 9 21:15:15 CET 2022

I wonder what products these devices are used in.

Seems you can buy modules with Dream chips from a place called 
serdashop, e.g.



though some of them say this:

"WARNING: This product may not be installed in any musical instrument. 
Using this product in the manufacture of musical instruments or selling 
this product for use in a musical instrument is a violation of the 
intellectual property rights of Roland Corporation and will result in 
liability for infringement."

They also have a parallel port, OPL3 FM synthesizer soundcard, lol! I 
guess they're made for retro gaming?


On 09/01/2022 13:33, Steve Lenham wrote:
> You can theoretically buy the Dream ICs and associated development 
> boards from distributor Profusion in the UK:
> https://www.profusionplc.com/type/dsp-audio?mnf=dream
> However, none of them can be ordered online (unlike the rest of 
> Profusion's offerings) and instead one is invited to contact them 
> directly. Perhaps I'm wrong, but this says to me that there are hidden 
> criteria that must be met before one will be allowed to buy Dream 
> products.
> This plus the fact that, despite being around in some form since at 
> least 1990 (the Evolution EVS1, released that year, was based around a 
> SAMxxxx IC, and the SAM8905 appears in Barry Klein's Music IC 
> Datasheet book), they have a profile lower than a snake's belly, 
> indicates that they know very well who they want to deal with, that 
> they are already dealing with them and that everyone else can take a hike.
> Of course, if your products are good enough then you earn the right to 
> do what you please...
> Cheers,
> Steve L.
> On 08/01/2022 18:34, Blender via Synth-diy wrote:
>> thanks everybody, OF COURSE i finally found it myself 5 minutes after 
>> sending this email out... its DREAMs SAM chips from france. I also 
>> finally found some old emails i tried sending them, without any 
>> response. and it still is really hard to find any kind of information 
>> or even shops for these chips, eve though i am pretty sure they are 
>> being used in quite a lot of commercial products. looks like ATMEL 
>> might have bought the company in the meantime? or at least they also 
>> offer similar series of SAM-named synthesis SOCs. i reached out via 
>> email (for the third time over 2 years...) to see if they respond.
>> https://www.dream.fr/devices.html#S5
>> but yeah, thanks for your guys input as well, consider this case 
>> close - /unless/ someon has experience with those chips and is 
>> willing to share some information
>> On Sat, Jan 8, 2022 at 6:02 PM MTG <grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com> 
>> wrote:
>>     This is NOT the chip you are looking for, but in the interest of
>>     adding
>>     this rompler to the mailing list archives I give you an OLD chip:
>>     SGS Thomson M114S Digital Sound Generator
>>     http://elektronikjk.pl/elementy_czynne/IC/M114S.pdf
>>     On 1/8/2022 8:46 AM, Blender via Synth-diy wrote:
>>     > Hello fellow builders,
>>     >
>>     > 1-2 years ago i discovered this chip (or was it a pcb module?)
>>     by a
>>     > specialized manufacturer that allowed for rather complex sample
>>     > playback (ie. with multi-sampling, envelopes etc etc) that came
>>     with
>>     > quite a big integrated memory (at least 4gb and 8gb options iirc).
>>     > Now, my degrading brain unfortunately forgot the name of the
>>     company,
>>     > and i also fail to find anything in my browser histories...
>>     spent a
>>     > few hours today trying to google it to no success.
>>     >
>>     > i am pretty sure the same or at least a similar chip is used in
>>     the
>>     > v3sound expander modules:
>>     > https://www.v3sound.com/de/d-produkt-sonority-xxl.html
>>     >
>>     > on my search today i came across https://www.vlsi.fi which is
>>     similar,
>>     > but not it. i do think to remember that the company had an "f" in
>>     > their name, maybe "fun" or "cool"? obviously its not coolaudio
>>     though.
>>     > pretty sure i was on the (chinese?) OEM manufacturer site at
>>     some point.
>>     >
>>     > does anybody have a clue?
>>     >
>>     > best,
>>     > philip
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