[sdiy] Looking for a specific sample-player/expander IC/module

Blender jrblndr at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 17:46:19 CET 2022

Hello fellow builders,

1-2 years ago i discovered this chip (or was it a pcb module?) by a
specialized manufacturer that allowed for rather complex sample playback
(ie. with multi-sampling, envelopes etc etc) that came with quite a big
integrated memory (at least 4gb and 8gb options iirc). Now, my degrading
brain unfortunately forgot the name of the company, and i also fail to find
anything in my browser histories... spent a few hours today trying to
google it to no success.

i am pretty sure the same or at least a similar chip is used in the v3sound
expander modules:

on my search today i came across https://www.vlsi.fi which is similar, but
not it. i do think to remember that the company had an "f" in their name,
maybe "fun" or "cool"? obviously its not coolaudio though. pretty sure i
was on the (chinese?) OEM manufacturer site at some point.

does anybody have a clue?

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