[sdiy] Rotary Switch -> illuminated PB w/ multicolor LED?

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Sorry, I forgot about your previous response, and now I'm trying to wrap 
my head around it. For this one bit, are you just counting the number of 
1's in the byte (even/odd) to determine on or off?

 > I program a byte at a time.  I start at the first byte with all ones = 
 > so 0x01111111 = on, 0x00111111 = off, etc.  Then when the byte gets
 > to zero I move to the next byte and set that to 0x0111111.  And so on
 > through the page.
 >  Only once the whole page is full of zeros do I erase it.

If my guess is correct, then the final value for the byte (0000 0000) is 
off and that matches nicely with the initial value (1111 1111) which is 
also off.

I have to extend that to a larger variable, but I wanted to understand 
your concept.


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>You need to just do writes to bytes in sequence.  So an all 0's (if it's a clear to 1 memory) represents a null location so move onto the next byte for the real data.  Only once you run out of bytes do you need to do a page erase.
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>Well in this application I'm only concerned with a few bits total, but I wonder one thing about wear leveling: since changing a single byte means erasing a whole page (bank/block whatever you want to call it), don't you need to implement multiple pages (banks/blocks) to see a benefit?
>Or, where is the weakness? Writing or erasing?

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