[sdiy] Polymoog Polycom chip block diagram?

Tom Arnold xyzzy at sysabend.org
Thu Feb 17 21:18:16 CET 2022

On Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 08:04:46PM -0500, Michael E Caloroso via Synth-diy wrote:
>    US Patent 4,099,439 describes the Polycom chip. Â
>    I have the original service manual (both volumes, latest version 12/79)
>    and there is no Polycom block diagram in it.
>    The custom Polycom chip (DM7670) was fabricated by National Instruments
>    for Moog Music.  When Bob Pease was still around, I asked him if NS
>    still had any info on this part.  Bob asked around, but I never heard
>    back.

I'm thinking I got the Roland IR3109 crosslinked in my brain with the
Polycom chip as far as a block diagram.

I didn't realise the Polycom actually had a patent.  Hopefully with this
data ( Thank goodness for Davis Luce being positively insane on being overly
detail oriented, this patent is a real treat ) and a nice photo of the
Polycom die itself maybe this chip can be fully figured out...

Thanks all!


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