[sdiy] MIDI channel footswitch changer gizmo ..

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Wed Feb 9 22:23:34 CET 2022

Here is a prototype of the gizmo that would solve ALL my MIDI channel problems..
So far the code is 80% done ..



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I'm sure there are lots of folks here that could bang out the HC11 code if needed.  You've even got EEPROM in there if memory serves. Two questions:


1. How fast does the MIDI Channel selection have to be? Is this within a song or between songs?


2. Are you using the MIDI IN on the bass pedals? (I guess possibly as a bass synth?) 


You could craft a MIDI command or sys ex message to alter the HC11's channel and then have a device (with buttons or footswitches) send this command to the bass pedals as needed.  If (2 == true) then you might need merging too. 


Or you could just have  local off and reboot MIDI commands sent to the bass pedals and you can hold down the pedal as before.




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My MIDI Bass pedal is a VERY OLD design made in th 90’s using a Motorola HC11
that I had on hand and was used to it (programming at work).
Here are some pictures of my MIDI bass pedal.


The cabinet is walnut salvaged from a vintage Electrohome Kinsman Clarion organ..


So far the MIDI channel is selected at power up. (channel 1 default).
But if you keep pressed one of the first 16 keys down at power up
this will be the new channel number.
By the way this beast has its complete internal synth
with a genuine ARP VCF module !


Back to my needs..

No way I’ll get back to my original HC11 machine code (yes machine code) to include
any MIDI channel editing since it will also involve salvaging the wood housing
for some footswitches..
The easiest way so far is a transparent MIDI IN/OUT device
that will read 2 x UP/DOWN footswitches, display the new channel number
on 2 x 7 seg. Display then grab any incoming MIDI commands that has MIDI channel number
on the MSB side first byte, then replace it and send the edited command to the MIDI OUT.
All other commands will get through this device untouched..
I could even have another untouched MIDI OUT that would keep
the original Bass pedal channel for other MIDI devices to drive..

These are my thoughts so far..
Thanks for your curiosity Tom.


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If the bass pedals are DIY, doesn't this count as a "feature request from a valued user", JP?!?


To put that another way, couldn't you reprogram the bass pedals to add the on-the-fly-midi-channel-change? Presumably there's some reason why not, since I'm sure you've thought of this. I'm curious what it is is all!




On 9 Feb 2022, at 14:20, Jean-Pierre Desrochers <jpdesroc at oricom.ca <mailto:jpdesroc at oricom.ca> > wrote:


Hi all,

I own a DIY MIDI bass pedal that sets it’s MIDI channel on power up.
You press one of the first 16 keys (2 octaves pedal board) while powering up
and that’s the MIDI channel that remains. Ok.

But what if I need to change the MIDI channel on the fly while playing ??

I tried to find a footswitch gizmo that would have MIDI IN/OUT
that I could connect the bass pedal MIDI OUT to the gizmo MIDI IN and set/change
the gizmo MIDI channel using its footswitches then the incoming MIDI channel
would be overridden by the gizmo’s channel  and this one would use its channel
number for my pedal board..

But no luck to find this type of MIDI ‘interface’..
So far I’m thinking about building one..
Any clue for this type of gadget to buy ?




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