[sdiy] SSI2130 in the wild, or any synth-on-a-chip

Daniel Pereira dpereira718 at me.com
Sat Dec 24 01:36:38 CET 2022

Not a full synth but Befaco Pony VCO uses the SSI2130 and the schematic is available.

> On 23 Dec 2022, at 22:46, ColinMuirDorward via Synth-diy <synth-diy at synth-diy.org> wrote:
> Hi, I haven't noticed any 2130-based synths out in the wild.
> Does anyone know if any synths boasting TZ have hit the market yet?
> Also wondering about anything using the many synth-on-a-chip offerings from Alfa Rpar and Cool Audio (3372, 3394, 3397 types).
> Maybe it hasn't been possible yet due to shortages...
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> Colin
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