[sdiy] Hybrid synth senior design project

Lanterman, Aaron D lanterma at ece.gatech.edu
Mon Dec 5 09:59:39 CET 2022

The senior design team I advised this semester built this proof-of-concept prototype. It has an Adafruit Grand Central M4. Waveform is generated by spitting samples out of a one-cycle wavetable out the 12-bit built in DAC on the microcontroller; filter and VCA are SSI2144 and SSI2164 controlled via PWM, with the envelope create in software:


I think I forgot to tell them to add a volume control, so I think they may be overdriving the input stage of the cheap speakers they had on hand for the demo. ;)

This project focused on getting the “engine” running. I’m hoping I can talk a future team into refining the design, adding a nice UI with patch storage, a computer patch editor, more voices, etc.

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