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I can't address all of your issues, but there are no absolute paths, unlike STMCubeIDE projects (although I seem to recall it was mostly the debugging files that gave trouble with CubeIDE). For the most part Keil is free now. Many of the chip vendors have agreements of one sort or another with Keil/ARM. STM have some parts that it's free for (F0, G0 and L0 I think), the Asian ARM licensees I think are either free or $395 a seat. I would say the IDE has improved over 10 years, but the VS Code Arduino fanboys still hate it. The best feature is that it works, especially compared to the recent PIC/AVR IDE I just tried out. I'm pretty sure a lot of the automotive ARM users are using IAR, but I've only seen demos of that years ago.


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grant musictechnologiesgroup.com:
People can dump on the Keil IDE all they want, but it works every damn minute of every damn day I'm using it.

Depends on definition of "work" i guess.
Is Keil still roughly like a worse version of Borland C++ IDE from 1990 ?
Do they still store meta info (or absolute file paths) that just don't belong there, in project files, or similar rookie seeming stuff that is just annoying except for "1 man projects"?
That's how I remember Keil from ~ 2010.
And then the constant license issues with that floating license server...  there tended to be some sort of problem with that.
The version of then was not thread-aware. On a bigger STM32 running e.g. FreeRTOS, it was no fun debugging.
(they liked you to use their OS, IIRC, perhaps that would have worked, for some extra $$$$)
For what it was back then, it certainly wasn't cheap, and that thing an unacceptable annoyance, so we convinced our boss from then to switch to something else.

Maybe it's better today.

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