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The AVR is much better suited to C than the (rudimentary) PIC stuff. So it would just be user preference at that point.

I just gave up on an AVR task because the IDE would crash every now and then and the USB programmer was worse. Then it annoyed me that I really should have bought the more expensive ICE for development. I figured if I was going to dump more cash in and the IDE or maybe the new ICE continued to give me problems, ... well, that was it for me. I'm out.

People can dump on the Keil IDE all they want, but it works every damn minute of every damn day I'm using it.


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True, they could have bought Atmel out purely to kill it off, but they didn't, and the AVR stuff is still going strong under new ownership.

I've actually wondered about moving across to AVR myself for various reasons / projects. But I'd still want to program it in assembly!

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>  Yep. In the old days, if you didn't like Microchip or what they were doing with the PIC, you could move to Atmel / AVR!! Now, we don't get that option.

When Microchip bought Atmel we feared the worst, as we have used Atmel as our low performance MCU for ages.  But actually I have to say they’ve carried on supporting all the devices, whereas for example Infineon bought International Rectifier and have since obsoleted half of the stuff we have used from IR, resulting in our clients requesting assistance in approving substitute parts FOC.

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