[sdiy] Some Audio DSP prototypes

mskala at northcoastsynthesis.com mskala at northcoastsynthesis.com
Wed Apr 20 13:43:18 CEST 2022

On Wed, 20 Apr 2022, rburnett at richieburnett.co.uk wrote:
> So it looks like you can still program these devices in Assembly Language,
> it's just the Assembler tool that has changed.  I think I might actually have
> encountered the XC8 assembler when attempting to try out one of Microchips

Although the XC8 assembler is now the only one supported by MPLAB X IDE,
it doesn't seem to be supported *well*.  The IDE doesn't seem able to load
symbols from object files, keep track of the association between code
addresses and source lines, etc.  It's possible I am using it wrong (only
started trying to code for "baseline" PIC10F chips in the last few days)
but I haven't been able to get it to do these basic IDE-type things.

I had better results using assembly language for the 16-bit PIC24F chips
earlier, but even that certainly isn't as well-supported by MPLAB X IDE as
C would be.  They really want to encourage you to use C, and are treating
all assemblers as "legacy."

Matthew Skala
North Coast Synthesis Ltd.

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