[sdiy] Some Audio DSP prototypes

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We’re only in the early parts of the conversation as we’ve both been on holiday recently.  He’s promised me a phone call after Easter so I’ll add that to my list of points :-)

The biggest issue has been their total belief in sticking with GNU and gcc, when most of the professional embedded world has moved onto LLVM and Clang.   I think that may be because they’d be expected to put some money into LLVM development, as of course Apple, ARM, Google, IBM, Microsoft, HP and most others do.  The only contribution I’ve ever seen from RPL to open source was some money to add a feature for balanced line routing into KiCad, but the feature is so f***ed up anyway it’s unusable so was a waste of money.

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In a word, NO.  I’m in the middle of conversations with Eben

Did he explain why they have a weird old fork of OpenOCD instead of working with that community to integrate their changes upstream like a good free software citizen? Really unimpressed

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