[sdiy] Remember the Internet Archive (Re: EKO Stradivarius)

Anthony Carrico acarrico at memebeam.org
Fri Apr 1 15:54:00 CEST 2022

Remember the Internet Archive (at archive.org) for this kind of thing:

On 3/28/22 04:36, Rutger Vlek via Synth-diy wrote:
> Brief update: service manual is now also posted on GearSlutz (I mean... 
> GearSpace): 
>             Arriving back home, I opened it up, wondering what to find
>             inside. The first, and best surprise was: a service manual
>             with full schematics stitched to the inside of the case!
>             Since this instrument is so rare and I could not find any
>             technical info online, I decided to scan and share it with
>             you (assuming that any legal restrictions are long overdue).
>             EDIT: attatchment turned out too big for this list, so
>             available on request and submitted to synfo.nl
>             <http://synfo.nl>.____

Anthony Carrico

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