[sdiy] Knobs supplier for Oberheim SEM1A Four voice

Michael E Caloroso mec.forumreader at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 02:41:43 CEST 2019

Finding Elma knobs in low quantity may be difficult.

I had read that the caps used in Bic ball point pens can be used on
the knobs.  I tried it and they were too big.  Maybe the Bic pens have
changed over the years.

Two years ago I landed a FVS and DS2A sequencer, both with Anvil
cases.  The battery leaked and did some damage to one of the program
switches and corroded PC board traces and a connector header.  A
couple of SEMs were malfunctioning but were easy repairs.

I am replacing all the early RCA CMOS and the interconnects on the
SEMs.  Yes I am aware that parts of the circuits may be sensitive to
certain families of CMOS.  It will be a big job.

This stuff was a trade deal from a studio owner.  He got my name from
a mutual synth tech.  After reading him the required repairs to the
FVS, he decided it was more $$$ than he wanted to spend.  He really
wanted a vintage poly synth for his studio and asked if I had anything
I would be willing to trade.  I happened to have a fixer-upper
Memorymoog I bought from a friend so I did a complete restore in
exchange for the Oberheim stuff.


On 6/26/19, TERRY SHULTZ <thx1138 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hello Synth Folks,
> So I received the Oberheim Four voice FVS on Monday from Jackson Brown’s
> keyboardist .
> No Power cord unfortunately. Thanks to all that replied to the enquiry and I
> have ordered a Power cord and hopefully it will show up soon.
> Next item, All of the caps for the 3rd SEM1-a knobs are missing.
> Anyone remember who was the supplier for the collated knobs so I can see if
> I can buy some to replace to make it look right.
> The Programmer will need a new Battery after sitting in the flight case for
> about 20 years.
> Otherwise the unit looks to be visually in pretty good shape.
> I will soon see the folly in my comments after I start to bring up the unit.
> I appreciate all the help and advice on the Knobs.
> With kindest regards,
> Terry Shultz
> Shultz Products LLC.
> +1-562-355-4699
> THX1138 at earthlink.net
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