[sdiy] Knobs supplier for Oberheim SEM1A Four voice

TERRY SHULTZ thx1138 at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 27 01:20:05 CEST 2019

Hello Synth Folks,

So I received the Oberheim Four voice FVS on Monday from Jackson Brown’s keyboardist .

No Power cord unfortunately. Thanks to all that replied to the enquiry and I have ordered a Power cord and hopefully it will show up soon.

Next item, All of the caps for the 3rd SEM1-a knobs are missing. 

Anyone remember who was the supplier for the collated knobs so I can see if I can buy some to replace to make it look right.

The Programmer will need a new Battery after sitting in the flight case for about 20 years.

Otherwise the unit looks to be visually in pretty good shape.

I will soon see the folly in my comments after I start to bring up the unit.

I appreciate all the help and advice on the Knobs.

With kindest regards,

Terry Shultz

Shultz Products LLC.


THX1138 at earthlink.net

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