[sdiy] Oberheim FourVoice Power Cord manufacture

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>I’m working from memory here so I could be off, isn’t it the rounded 3 pin power cord ala Wurly’s, Arp 2600, etc? It’s a standard available appliance cord if it is. Can be had on Amazon for way less than one advertised as a Wurly or Arp replacement cable.
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>> Hi All my synth buddies,
>> I just got an Oberheim Four Voice from Jackson Brown’s keyboard player and he wants me to bring it up to playable condition.
>> Problem  is that they cannot find the power cord for this unit.
>> I believe it may have been made by Belkin but I am stretching my memory here.
>> Please reply if you know who makes the power cord and / or has one they wish to sell.
>> Best regards,
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