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Equally, at first it could strike one as odd to promote this way, but I 
think it is a newish technique that some of us older school people don't 
quite get yet!
I would describe this Lumi as a product rather than a musical instrument 
- it is aimed broadly at general consumers rather than musicians.
I don't think the pledges so far would necessarily excite investors 
really - seems small scale in such worlds (not that I know much about them)


On 19/06/2019 08:11, paula at synth.net wrote:
>>>> Have to admit, I'm a bit gobsmacked that Roli have put this on
>>>> kickstarter, I mean, they're a big well financed company.
>>> True, but all that financing is venture capital... isn't that just
>>> kickstarter for rich people?
>> Not really.   My experience from various startup companies since 1987
>> is VCs typically don't have any interest in the product they just want
>> to use money to make more money.
> I have to agree with Dave, ROli will have a substantial amount of 
> money and the use of kickstarter is odd.
> Kickstarter is normally for small companies to help get them off the 
> ground, so this move seems bizarre to me.
> Paula
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