[sdiy] LUMI keys

paula at synth.net paula at synth.net
Wed Jun 19 09:11:59 CEST 2019

>>> Have to admit, I'm a bit gobsmacked that Roli have put this on
>>> kickstarter, I mean, they're a big well financed company.
>> True, but all that financing is venture capital... isn't that just
>> kickstarter for rich people?
> Not really.   My experience from various startup companies since 1987
> is VCs typically don't have any interest in the product they just want
> to use money to make more money.

I have to agree with Dave, ROli will have a substantial amount of money 
and the use of kickstarter is odd.
Kickstarter is normally for small companies to help get them off the 
ground, so this move seems bizarre to me.


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