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The 10-turn would just be for the slider mechanism. I'd use a normal pot on the slider shaft/lever. The 10-turn will keep the gears much smaller - you're thinking 5-10 inches of travel, right? For a single turn 300-degree travel pot, or whatever, that'd require a large gear reduction. So the 10-turn isn't really for precision of resolution, as they're normally used like on VCOs or something but for increased travel and minimal real-estate for mechanical components. The idea is that over the whole length of travel of the mechanism the 10-turn pot would make it through all 10-turns, minus a bit of waste at the beginning and end that'd need to get trimmed out in the rest of the circuitry (anyway you'd probably want to have the waste on a single turn pot).

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> On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 2:54 PM thresholdpeople <thresholdpeople at protonmail.com> wrote:
>> And personally I'd use a 10-turn pot over an encoder. The circuitry will be far simpler.
> the primary goal is being able to smoothly adjust two parameters at the same time.  10-turn pots don't really enable that in my experience, quite the opposite.
> If you put it on the pulley, then honestly it's not any better than a standard pot with appropriate gearing to make a full throw go from CCW to CW.
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