[sdiy] Odp: Fatar Keyboard wiring diagram vs. Pratt-Reed Keyboard

Roman modular at go2.pl
Sat Feb 23 23:28:32 CET 2019

Fatar is very specific company. Maybe because it's Italian, but knowing other companies in Italy I must say this is the most Italian of them all.  The schematics carry this legal notice:  "This document is the propriety of Fatar Srl and must be returned to them. All information contained herein are confidential and will not be disclosed to any person not specifically authorized in writing by Fatar Srl."  But if you search the web you should be able to find copies of it everywhere.  It's basicaly the same circuit in every keybed model, although I have spotted other variants too. And there are 2 versions with diodes placed one way or another, called DF (diode forward?) and DR (diode reversed?).  Usually pin 1 is the group of 8 lowest keys on "make contact", pin 3 is the group of 8 lowest keys on "break contact", pin 5 is group of keys 9-16 on "make contact' and so on. While pins 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on, are keys 1,2,3,4 and so on in each group. On top of that they show weird pin numbering, like counting goes via all upper pins and then backwards through lower pins. The pin numbers I provided above are the numbers counting the wires in MicroMatch cable, not the Fatar way.   BTW, if you need MIDI2CV I think we could talk.   Roman   Dnia 22 lutego 2019 23:59 Terry Shultz <thx1138 at earthlink.net> napisał(a):  Hello folks,   I am running out of 61-note Pratt reed keyboards that I have been sitting on for 20 _ years.   Down to the last 5 units, I started out with 30 units and have been using them up.   Back in the late 1970’s I licensed the E-Mu patented poly keyboard design from E-Mu and I have been building  a few Mono and Poly keyboards up. I will now have to buy some Fatar keyboards and they are requiring me to  buy quite a few for packing reasons.   Does anyone have the schematic to this brand of 5 octave keyboard as I will have to adapt it to my existing  design.   Otherwise, I might just go the route of Midi to CV/Gate Module as an alternate path.   Any suggestions on whose Midi to CV/Gate module is the best and how many channels out would be good to know.   best regards,   Terry Shultz  Shultz Products LLC.    ______________________________  Synth-diy mailing list   Synth-diy at synth-diy.org  synth-diy.org synth-diy.org
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