[sdiy] Fatar Keyboard wiring diagram vs. Pratt-Reed Keyboard

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Sat Feb 23 04:55:16 CET 2019

You seem to be in a strange situation.

If you’re dealing directly with Fatar - and especially if they’re requiring you to buy quite a few keyboards - then they should absolutely provide schematics for the product they’re selling. Don’t you have a technical sales representative at Fatar that you could speak to about getting support in advance of your purchase?

Am I missing something here?

As for the E-Mu patented poly keyboard design, what exactly does this cover? People have been rolling their own keyboard scanning matrix, based on custom chips or firmware, for quite a while now. I don’t think Sequential Circuits paid for that license after 1980, so why wouldn’t you just develop something new? It’s been three decades…

Finally, I’m not familiar with the entire Fatar product line, but is there only one 5-octage keyboard in their history? Seems like there might be more than one circuit. I’m also assuming that Fatar have part numbers for their products that would be helpful in matching a schematic to a specific model.


On Feb 22, 2019, at 2:55 PM, Terry Shultz <thx1138 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Back in the late 1970’s I licensed the E-Mu patented poly keyboard design from E-Mu and I have been building 
> a few Mono and Poly keyboards up. I will now have to buy some Fatar keyboards and they are requiring me to 
> buy quite a few for packing reasons.
> Does anyone have the schematic to this brand of 5 octave keyboard as I will have to adapt it to my existing 
> design.
> Otherwise, I might just go the route of Midi to CV/Gate Module as an alternate path.
> Any suggestions on whose Midi to CV/Gate module is the best and how many channels out would be good to know.
> best regards,
> Terry Shultz
> Shultz Products LLC.

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