[sdiy] Anti-spam features and the List From: header

David Moylan dave at expeditionelectronics.com
Sat Feb 23 03:13:38 CET 2019

I recall a little while ago a discussion about the From: headers.  I 
think it was here but could have been on Analog Heaven.  In any event, 
I've recently set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on my domain to help my mail 
make it through spam filters.  For those who don't know too much about 
email SPF is a DNS record that states what domains or IPs can send mail 
on behalf of the From domain (expeditionelectronics.com in my case).  
DKIM is a way to encrypt certain headers to prevent spoofing, and DMARC 
sets up a mechanism for domains to report back to senders about mail 
that have passed or failed checks.

I replied to a thread recently and got some DMARC notifications back 
that the mail failed both SPF and DMARC checks for some listers.  That 
makes sense since my original message is getting relayed by SDIY, so it 
won't come from a valid server or have the encrypted headers.

Anyone else run into this?  I assume these technologies are going to 
increase in adoption over time so this might be something that needs to 
be addressed by the list more in the future.



David Moylan
Expedition Electronics
sonic adventures!

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